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Mega press is the newest GREEN plumbing technology that we take pride using in our daily operations.

Mega Press Explained

Mega press is the newest, tested, and proven GREEN plumbing technology that utilizes a compression tool which connects rigid gas lines through special fittings. The rigid iron pipe is placed inside the MEGA PRESS fitting. From there the tools jaws are placed over the MEGA PRESS fitting. The jaws compress over the fitting squeezing the iron pipe to make a gas tight seal.


Mega press requires no pipe threading oil. It eliminates 100% of the possibility of dirty thread oil entering the Earth’s soil or waterways. There is no use of a threading machine, thus eliminating unnecessary landfill waste.

GENTEEL Solution

Mega press is the newest, and one of the best GREEN plumbing technologies. It eliminates petroleum oil pollution and reduces landfill waste.

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