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A sewer is one of the most important parts of your home or business. Without a proper functioning sewer, you can jeopardize the safety and health of your family as well as damage to your building. Luckily our technicians have up to 30 years of experience in maintaining and replacing sewer systems. Sewers are our specialty, so don’t leave something this important up to anyone but us.

Call (415) 484-3631 Today For Your Sewer Video Inspection

If you have a suspicion that your sewer is clogged or damaged in any way, please call (415) 415-3631 ASAP. No one deserves having a clogged sewer main or a damaged sewer. A simple sewer video inspection can save you lots of trouble. We use the newest and most technologically advanced sewer video equipment and will inspect your sewer at the fairest price.

We use nothing but top of the line sewer video equipment. We can tell you exactly the location of your sewer lateral and its working condition. If a repair is needed, our professionals can give you an on-site written estimate explaining everything necessary for the repair. Also, if you provide a written quote from another company, we will beat it!

Sewer Inspections

Benefits of Sewer Inspection

  • Peace of mind knowing the condition of your home’s sewer.
  • Preventing unwanted back-ups which can cause catastrophic damage.
  • Finding lost jewelry. Lost jewelry such as wedding rings, and bracelets have been known to appear during a sewer inspection.
  • Knowing that you have root intrusion or heavy grease buildup, misaligned pipes, and/or pipe corrosion.
  • Blockages from non water-soluble items.

Sewer Camera Inspections Explained

The sewer camera is a portable fiber optic camera about the size of a smartphone camera, which is attached to a long flexible metal cable that rolls off a spool. Our expert technicians feed the camera through a sewer cleanout. From there they can inspect the sewer for breaks, grease, roots, collapsing pipes, or buildups. If there is no cleanout or inspection port available, our professionals can easily make one!

Why We Use It

Anytime there is a clogged sewer lateral, we use our sewer inspection camera. It is very important to understand the condition of the sewer we are servicing. A proper video camera inspection allows us to make an appropriate analysis on the sewer. These inspections allow us to determine which method is proper for the repair. Without an accurate sewer inspection, you could be looking at unnecessary excavation and sewer replacement costs.

Drain Cleaning

People rely on their drains to get by in their day to day lives. A drain can become clogged at any unsuspected time causing turmoil and stress. Luckily, drains are our specialty. We offer 24-hour emergency drain service, so we are here to help anytime. GENTEEL PLUMBERS use nothing but the most advanced drain cleaning equipment available. Our equipment is the best you can possibly buy, allowing us to solve any issue with a remarkably low chance of failing on the job.

Drain Cleaning Methods

GENTEEL Clear Drain Guarantee

When you use GENTEEL, our world-class technicians provide you with several of the best warranties in the industry to choose from. We back up our work like no one else! Call (415) 484-3631 today!

Expert Advice

GENTEEL Expert Tips

Never use chemical drain cleaner as it contains sulphuric acid and can be very harmful to your pipes. It is not worth saving a few dollars, because it will end up costing you more. More specifically old buildings, especially in San Francisco, can be upwards of 100 years old. Most of them have the original pipes. After many years these homes will settle, causing the once sloping drain pipes to have flat spots. After chemical drain cleaner is used, it can collect and remain in these flat spots. The drain cleaner has the potential to eat through the pipes, thus causing very expensive damage.

Service Experts

We pride ourselves in our professional, speedy, and reliable service, and our team understands how important your home is. We know it is your castle, and we respect it. We understand that you are letting us into your home, and we will always do our best to resolve your plumbing issue in a timely, efficient manner. GENTEEL PLUMBERS want to help you get back to enjoying your life with your family.

Kitchen Drain Lines

Double Basin Sinks

Double basin sinks have complicated drain piping underneath. Continuous waste tees with one-way baffle fittings. Food in sinkerators, sanitation traps, and chrome offset arms. Having a kitchen sink clog with these complicated waste pipes can be overwhelming. Suddenly you and your family cannot do any dishes, let alone enjoy yourselves. Fortunately, GENTEEL PLUMBERS own every state-of-the-art tool available to solve any kitchen drain issue.

Double Basin Sinks

Kitchen Leaks

Having a leak in a kitchen drain can be very stressful. Food particulates, and unwanted grease can end up on your kitchen floor. You are now unable to prepare any food or wash any of those dishes that are suddenly piling up. This food waste can attract insects, and rodents with can pose a serious threat to your family. Don’t hesitate to call (415) 484-3631 to evaluate your kitchen drain leak.

Faucet Maintenance

Kitchen Faucets

A kitchen faucet is one of the most used plumbing fixtures in your home. Every day they are constantly being used within households. It is very important to make sure it is in good running order. A minor leak or a faulty kitchen faucet can be very unfortunate for your daily life. GENTEEL PLUMBERS will arrive promptly to provide solutions for your kitchen faucet repairs.

Preventative Maintenance

Imagine having your kitchen drain become backed up on Christmas day. Or have your entire sewer to your restaurant suddenly become clogged on the busiest day of the year. These are totally unthinkable circumstances that can easily be prevented. We offer preventative drain maintenance plans to ensure your home or business will never get an unexpected clog. Call (415) 484-3631 and save money.

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