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Pro press is a new GREEN technology that we utilize daily in our business practices.

Pro Press Explained

Pro press is the latest proven GREEN plumbing technology which utilizes a compression tool by connecting copper water lines by using special compression fittings. The copper pipe is placed inside the PRO PRESS fittings. From there the tools jaws are placed over the PRO PRESS fitting. The jaws compress over the fitting compressing the copper to make a water tight seal.


Pro Press does not leave behind any harmful solder or flux chemicals in water lines. The traditional method is to solder the copper fittings together using harmful solder and flux chemicals. These are old methods which instill chemicals into the water lines. These harmful chemicals end up in your drinking and bathing water, and leave behind a massive carbon footprint.

GENTEEL Solution

We have eliminated soldering copper fittings as much as possible. We utilize PRO PRESS in every possible situation. We are thinking in the long term of the planet, and value the population’s health and safety.

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