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GENTEEL PLUMBERS are plumbing innovators. We are always looking for a new, more efficient way to do something. Whether it be a more efficient way to run water lines to a hot water heater installation. We use nothing but state of the art equipment and top-quality materials. GENTEEL PLUMBERS understand how precious your time with your family is, and that is why we have mastered the art of efficiency. We will work our best to do top quality work as efficiently as possible, at a fair price.

The GENTEEL Difference

What differentiates us from other companies is our pricing. We don’t think it is fair to charge to make a trip to the store. That is why we don’t charge by the hour. We have a calculated pricing system where we let you know what things will cost before we begin work.

Another fantastic aspect of our pricing is that we will beat any other written quote. If you provide us with a competitor’s written quote, we will beat it. Understanding that plumbing can become quite expensive, we are always trying our best to help our customers get the fairest deal possible. We have established a strong clientele based on our business practices. We honor our quality and prices. We will always continue to make our customers a #1 priority, as it has helped us build our reputation.


GENTEEL PLUMBERS are green. We utilize the latest technology to ensure we are doing our part to help and save the planet. We use pro- press, mega press, pex water lines, and hydrojetting. Call (415) 484-3631 to be educated on the newest and latest green plumbing technology. People really appreciate how GENTEEL PLUMBERS respect and utilize all of the green technology on the market.

People Love Us On Yelp!

Having received so many 5-star reviews on Yelp the headquarters awarded us with the prestigious “people love us on Yelp award.” It is only honored to businesses who provide such excellent service that they are recognized with the famous “people love us on Yelp award.”

We have been known for our GENTEEL business practices of being “the hero” at all hours of the night. Helping families solve tough plumbing issues when multiple other companies have been unsuccessful. We really care for our clients, when they call us, we are on our way!

We have 100% fully stocked service vehicles. Best of all we charge by the job. No stress wondering how long it will take and wondering how much we are charging to make a trip to the supply house. We tell our clients what things will cost up front, and that’s it.

From San Francisco to Palo Alto, our expert technicians are eager to help solve your plumbing emergencies. We are always ready to go 24 hours a day.

GENTEEL Tools and Equipment

Our pride and joy is our tools and equipment. We own nothing but the toughest, most top-quality tools and equipment. Our philosophy is that having the best of the best allows us to do top quality work, at efficient speeds, at a reasonable price. We take pride in being able to finish a job in one day that would take other companies three. We love knowing that we are doing the best job possible because we own and use nothing but the best of everything!

We've Got You Covered 24/7

For fast, friendly, and professional service, call GENTEEL PLUMBERS
(415) 484-3631
We look forward to providing you with 5 STAR SERVICE!

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